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Best XR handle alternative to Future Motion’s $80-$115 Maghandle Mount system

As many of you know, Future Motion just released a $45 Maghandle Mount for the Onewheel+ XR (also compatible with the V1 and Plus). $45 for a handle. Not bad, right? Think again. The $45 gets you a mount and that’s all. You still have to buy the handle (or take the one off your Onewheel Pint). If you buy the Maghandle Pro, which gets you both the handle and the mount, that’s going to cost you a whopping $115 USD! Of course you could settle for the plastic version which will still set you back $80.

The good news is that Robert Allen of BadgerWheel, famously known for his waterproofing kits, has made, in my opinion, the only handle you’ll ever need. The only downside is if you use any of the Craft&Ride Magnetic fenders, the current version of BadgerWheel’s handle is not compatible.

The Badger Handle, which includes the mount, is priced at $60 but is currently available for $55 USD. That’s $25 cheaper than Future Motion’s plastic version and you’re supporting a small business.

Anyway, let’s talk more about the handle itself. It is a retractable handle that is made from 14,000 lb tested Kevlar cord and a carbon fibre internal skeleton which means it is incredibly durable. It sits flush with the rail which means it shouldn’t get damaged if you roll your board. I have been testing mine for just over two months and can confirm the durability. On top of it’s durability, the Badger Handle comes with a super cushiony grip which makes this the most comfortable handle that I’ve ever tried — even more comfortable than Future Motion’s $115 Maghandle Pro.

Badger Handle Shredd Labs Rating:

10/10 Comfort
6/10 Installation
8/10 Durability
10/10 Grip
9/10 Value
7/10 Aesthetics

Comfort: As mentioned above, this is the most comfortable handle on the market. It’s super soft hex design makes it the least painful to carry if you run out of battery and have to do the dreaded “walk of shame.”

Installation: Installing the handle on your rail isn’t as bad as it looks. It comes with 7 different pieces but luckily Badger Wheel provides detailed instructions. It does include adhesive so it’s not something you can easily swap onto another board, unless you get extra rail mounts which I’m sure Robert would sell as an add-on. Installation takes less than five minutes.

Durability: There’s no question that his kevlar cord and carbon fibre skeleton is ultra-durable. Our tester board had a huge high-speed crash into a curb (handle side) and the entire handle system survived with only minor damage to the soft hex grip.

Grip: A lot of handles will start to slide out of my hand during long carries. The soft hex grip provides perfect grip with zero slippage.

Aesthetics: The original version of this handle wasn’t the prettiest design but he improved it with his new thicker hex grip. The only thing that would make this handle better looking is if it was injection molded and not 3D printed. However, seeing as this is a small niche product, 3D printing is what allows accessories like this to be made in the first place.

Value: When compared to Future Motion’s XR handle, or other handles on the market like the original SilverHandle, the Badger Handle is a great bang for your buck when you see the level of thought that went into it. The durable, retractable design makes it one of a kind and is surely worth the $55, especially with Robert’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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