Float Sidekicks HD Reflective - High-Visibility Heavy Duty Rail Protection

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Want to keep your Onewheel looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor? Well, slap some Float Sidekicks on the rails and you’re good to go! Sidekicks are the go-to premium Onewheel accessory that gives you the freedom to roll, scrape and thrash your board without your rails ever feeling the pain. The Float Life offers a variety of colours and finish options, so you can get your board protected and looking incredible!

Our ultra-reflective HD Sidekicks are super bright and visible at night making it safer at night while riding and also look rad with when lit up. 

Protect your rails: ☑️

Protect your investment: ☑️

Choose your favourite flavour for your board: ☑️

High-visibility and safer night riding: ☑️

Do the first ever Onewheel primo grind: Good luck, and definitely film it because we want to see that!

Float on, my friends! 🙂


Additional Info: Pint version is compatible with all versions of the Onewheel Pint. V1/Plus/XR version compatible with all versions of Onewheels except the GT & Pint. 

What's the difference between Onewheel's Rail Guards vs Sidekicks? Our sidekicks have been tried and tested with many different adhesives and we have developed one that stays on your board with strength while being much easier to remove than other rail guards on the market. Onewheel and other brands have adhesive that's very difficult to remove when you are ready to switch them out. Sidekicks are also the original rail protection and come un-branded for a clean minimalist look. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Dan De Meo
Fresh look!

The sidekicks really did make my onewheel feel like my own. I got them for the reflectors at night but I gotta say they really shine during the day too. Wish they had a custom graphic option but still great none the less

Sid Puri
Add them to your WTF varials

I bought these for my XR with WTF varials. I traced my rails and cut the side kicks to fit. It turned out awesome and looks great. Very happy with my purchase.

#1 Must Have Upgrade

If you want to protect your investment you def need to invest in one of these. They do the job quite well and work great for those places that won't let you wax curbs or rails. This should be your first upgrade for any Onewheel!!!

Tom Walsh
Float plates & side kicks

White under side plates look sharp. Good scratch protection, easy to install on the GT.

Ordered the wrong side kicks, but was able to cut them and make them work anyway.

The Float life store Rocks!!

I have ordered a few items from here and every time I am so impressed. I accidentally ordered the wrong size and colour and they were able to fix, change and send the correct colour. The HD reflective is easy to install and is awesome!!!