XtraRad TFL x Burris Pint Tire

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The XtraRad is what the Pint™ tire was supposed to be.

We partnered with Burris to create the hands down smoothest riding, stable, and zippy tire in the game! Our goal was to build a tire that made the Pint™ ride like a super carvey and nimble XR™ where you could carve deep into turns and grip asphalt without worrying about speed wobbles. All while still maintaining that ultra nimble style the Pint™ is known for!

This is how a Pint™ was meant to handle.

P.S. You can also run this tire on any model Onewheel™ if you want, but it was designed for the Pint.

Customer Reviews

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Gabby Oliva
Best tire for Pint!

Don’t even think or read this review, just buy it. You’re welcome.

Float on my friends

John H
Awesome improvement

If you’re looking to make your XR more manoeuvrable this is the perfect tire. Smooth and carves so much better than the stock tire it’s hard to believe it’s the same Onewheel. It makes the XR feel more like a Pint. The improvement in torque is quite noticeable especially for us heavier riders. The trade off is a bit less ground clearance and top speed.


XtraRad TFL x Burris Pint Tire

sean connolly
Thank you for the install

Enjoy the pint
Ok, for those of you waiting for your stock tires to wear out before switching...WHY? It’s one of the cheapest upgrade you can do on the pint yet the board will be better on trails, stable, super quiet, knees don’t hurt because the softer compound acts as a shock absorber, you can stand on the pint at a stop without falling. DO IT

Chris Ramseyer
If you're still running stock tire on Pint, throw them in the trash and buy The XtraRad tire ASAP

Not hating on the stock Pint tire(They served me well for a year), but just the first few minutes on the The XtraRad tire will make you feel like you're floating on clouds. The softer tires absorbs a lot more shock and your knees will thank you for it. The flatter surface gives you more stability while at rest and there's no wobbles when you're going full speed. I constantly hit push back before even realizing I was going that fast, it's that smooth. Turning does require more effort tho, you will need to commit more weight into your turns and carves.