TFL x Burris Trail Pro Treaded Tire

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This is the next generation of the tire that won both FloatLife Fest 2 and FloatLife Fest 3.

The Trail Pro is the new and improved version of the Burris 11 x 6.0-6 TX-33 treaded tire which is known in the OW community to be the best off-road tire available.

The new Trail Pro offers more stability than its predecessor with a new custom hybrid rubber compound which is soft enough to soak up all the small bumps and uneven terrain, yet firm enough to hold a heavy edge when you need it most! The new compound also greatly reduces the road noise and buzz that was prevalent with the original TX-33. This is the quietest on-road treaded tire available for the Onewheel XR.

The sidewalls have also been modified to make them more durable than previous versions so you get more miles per tire, making this the ultimate off-road Onewheel tire available.

Carve faster, climb higher, and shred harder than ever before with the Burris x TFL Trail Pro!

Customer Reviews

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Best treaded

The best treaded tire. Made for onewheel

Great Stuff

Amazing products and service. I was sad to see no paper airplanes with this order though lol. Otherwise perfect as always!!!

Andrew Thomson

TFL x Burris Trail Pro Treaded Tire

Best upgrade

I would say this is easily the upgrade you can do. I find it quieter the the stock Vega, much more nimble and light years better on dirt and gravel!

Anthony T. YYC @patran_not_patron
WTF did I get myself in to?? WOW.

i had the honor of being TFL Cdn's first order and shipment of this special compound tire and WOW...what difference. I don't know how best to describe it other than it feels like switching from a round square wheel (Vega) to a roll-a-ball...This thing is soo maneuverable i had to re-learn my board and riding style again. we had a 18 person group ride, me being the only one on this new TFL x Burris Trail pro and the compared to the hoosier treaded v2, burris trail pro, vega, hoosier whisper etc, everyone commented on how soft, quiet and agile this tire was. most ran their tires at 18psi or lower to get the cush and float feeling we all like, i was running at 23 psi and they all thought i ran lower due to its softness.
Thanks Bradley, TFL crew and Burris for an amazing tire and i'm never going back to stock after this. Much love y'all and Float on.