TFL x Burris 6″ Street Pro

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The ultimate street tire for Onewheel.

We’ve reinforced the sidewalls and used a soft and forgiving compound! With a nice grip on the street and a beautiful shape, this tire provides a smooth and buttery feel while grippin’ so you can get to rippin’! Think about it like the Xtra Rad’s big brother for your XR! Preferred tire of choice by Bodhi Harrison, Jeff McCosker, Ryan Sherwood (Float Goat), and many more incredible riders!

Customer Reviews

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John H
Best Yet

I’ve tried a number of different tires, treaded, slick and pint sized. This is my favourite tire so far. I ride street and trail and find that this tire works well on all surfaces, not quite as good as treaded on the wet slippery stuff but very good on dry trails. I try to avoid wet conditions so this isn’t an issue for me. For street use it doesn’t get any better, smooth, predictable and very manoeuvrable. Not as manoeuvrable as the xtra rad but more stable and not too far off the xtra rad for tight carves.
Overall, a well balanced all around great upgrade to the XR.

Chris H
Fantastic tire

Recently replaced the stock Vega with just over 2000KM on it. The installation went smoothly, no issues getting the bead to set on the rim.

The ride from this tire is next level. Super nimble, it grips extremely well, doesn't stick&fling rocks like the Vega has so little need for a fender. Its almost entirely silent, very Ninja so let people know you're coming on trails.. speaking of which it handles trails and offroading well too. My accel, speed, and range all seem to have improved but that could just be moving from a worn to a new tire... grab this tire you won't be disappointed!!

Just right!

Got this tire here. Great transaction, and a very nice upgrade from my stock Vega. Super smooth. Not a dramatic change in feel, like riding a pint is, for example. And not quite as nimble as a Whisper, but just perfectly in the sweet spot for me. It tracks so nice, handling road dips, tree root bumps, and other surface imperfections much nicer than the Vega. And even though it's a slick, it is much more surefooted off-road in gravel and dirt track, and its rounder profile doesn't try to flatten out every bump in the trail like the old Vega. The Street Pro also doesn't pick up all the grit and garbage from the surface like the Vega did, so it's really quiet, and I'm not stopping every couple of blocks to pick a annoying rice-sized pebble out of the rubber ... I'm super happy! Thanks, Brad!

Waiting for it to come in stock again...

Absolutely love this tire. I’m buying a second one as soon as they restock.