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Onewheel Rear Footpads Review – Which is right for you?

Let’s face it, the stock footpads for the Onewheel just don’t cut it. Their flat shape just doesn’t work. There’s a reason why skateboards are concave – better carving, control, and comfort.

All of the reviewed footpads have been tested for over 250 miles on each pad. Keep in mind, everyone’s feet are different so reviewing footpads can be subjective. Not everyone will have the same experience on each pad. The reviewer’s footsize is a size 10, has flat feet and rides with the exact below stance:

Before going through each detailed review, here are our winners for these categories:

Best Street/Trick Footpad: The Float Life x Carvepower OG Kush Concave

Best Trail Footpad: Street Shred’s Cobra & Viper Pad

Best Hybrid (Street/Trail) Footpad: Craft&Ride’s Onetail+ Extreme

Most Comfortable Footpad: Land-Surf’s Platypus™ Wide Concave

Bear Walker’s Customs

The most unique and beautiful footpads are Bear Walker’s. His pads are custom made and the grip is hand carved out of the wood. They aren’t true concave but many will sacrifice concavity to upgrade their board with these beautiful pieces of art. The banner image shows one of his many custom pieces.

Comfort: Because Bear carves his grip out of the wood, it’s nearly impossible for him to make round concavity which means you’re getting a fairly flat footpad with a dip in the middle that still much more comfortable than the stock footpad. This pad is also extended meaning you get a wider stance.

Concavity: The original Bear Walker custom footpads had zero concavity however his new ones as shown above have several layers adding slight concave without the roundedness of other concave pads. It’s enough of an upgrade from the original to make the jump to this pad.

Durability: Bear Walker makes his pads from 9-ply hardened maple which makes them super durable. You’ll find them more durable than the stock pads.

Grip: The grip is one of the features that makes Bear Walker’s pads so unique. He carves the grip out of wood which achieves grip that lasts without the abrasiveness of regular grip tape. The result is a surprisingly grippy texture that looks beautiful.

Control: If you want extreme control for trails and difficult riding terrain, this probably isn’t the pad for you. I would compare this to a beautiful vintage car — you wouldn’t want to ride it on a dirt road or in the mud. It does offer more control over the stock pad though.

Aesthetics: It’s a no-brainer that this is the only pad that we gave a 10/10 on the aesthetics rating. Custom designs that are eye-popping. You are literally getting a piece of art on your Onewheel. A piece of art that is sometimes so beautiful that it ends up on your wall instead of your board — but don’t forget to take it for a ride on a beautiful sunny day every now and then.

FlightFender Compatible? No

Best For: Pimpin’ your ride.

Where to Buy: BearWalker

Craft&Ride’s OneTail+ (Extended)

The Craft&Ride OneTail+ was the first ever 3rd party footpad available for the original Onewheel and eventually the Onewheel+ and XR. It was a huge hit for two reasons: concave and extra length. Today it’s still a popular choice for many riders.

Comfort: As far as comfort goes, the OneTail+ has a nice mellow concave that the foot sits into very comfortably. It’s especially comfortable for people with a wider footstance which is why people are usually drawn to this option from C&R.

Concavity: We give the OneTail+ a 6/10 on the concavity scale because it isn’t too extreme but does offer a noticeable difference when comparing it to the stock pad.

Durability: Hand-beveled from hard maple in California, the OneTail+ is certainly a durable footpad. Wood can chip over time but the OneTail+ does a good job of handling tricks and rolls without sustaining too much damage. C&R also stands behind their product 100% so if you aren’t happy with the durability, they’ll take care of you.

Grip: Craft&Rid’s grip tape is actually Jessup (a trusted skateboard grip tape brand). It’s relatively grippy and durable but not as grippy as The Float Life’s or OW Armor’s grip tape.

Control: The Onetail+ offers decent edge to edge carving control but you won’t feel as locked in as the Cobra Pad or OneTail Extreme. However, the extended tail makes it easier to land drops and re-adjust your feet on gnarly trails with more foot room.

Aesthetics: You can’t deny that the maple footpad looks beautiful. It matches the front footpad relatively well. It looks almost like a skateboard cut in half which is why we gave it a 7/10 on the aethetics rating (which we admit can be completely subjective).

FlightFender Compatible? Yes, optional

Best For: Riders with a wider stance.

Where to Buy: Craft&Ride (Use discount code SHREDD to save 5%)

Craft&Ride’s OneTail Classic

The OneTail classic was brought out after many requested the same footpad but with the standard length. The Onetail Classic is everything the OneTail+ is without the added length.

Comfort: Since the concave is pretty much the same as the OneTail+, we gave it the exact same comfort rating. It may be less comfortable for someone with a wider stance but overall foot comfort on this pad is great.

Concavity: The subtle concave is enough for comfort and added control just like the OneTail+ but won’t give you that extreme locked-in feel that some riders look for.

Durability: We gave the durability on the Classic an extra point compared to the + because it doesn’t hang off the end which will make it slightly more durable with tumbles. The hard maple holds up really well for a wooden footpad.

Grip: Just like OneTail+, Craft&Ride’s grip is Jessup grip which is a good medium grip that still allows for easier foot adjustments than something like the Vicious grip.

Control: Don’t let the 5/10 rating scare you away. If Future Motion’s V1 footpad is a 1/10, and their stock Surestance is a 2/10, then a 5/10 is a pretty good upgrade. You won’t feel overly locked in which a lot of people like so this makes a great foodpad for tricks and street riding.

Aesthetics: We gave the Classic a bump up from the + because it doesn’t doesn’t hang off the rear of the board which makes for a clean, good looking maple footpad that matches the front stock pad pretty nicely.

FlightFender Compatible? Yes, optional

Best for: Comfortable street riding.

Where to Buy: Craft&Ride (Use discount code SHREDD to save 5%)

Craft&Ride’s OneTail Extreme

The OneTail Extreme is the aggressive version of the Onetail Classic. It provides the most concavity we’ve seen in a footpad. The stock foam grip is comfortable but it doesn’t provide the maximum grip some look for when riding trails.

Comfort: Even though the OTE is made out of wood and has the most aggressive concave on the market, it doesn’t feel “too” concave thanks to its cushioned grip tape. The heel pocket cups your heel nicely and makes for a comfortable ride.

Concavity: The most aggressive concave with a super high kick and the above mentioned heel cup makes it one of the best concave rear pads on the market. The tail kick keeps your foot from sliding off the end while riding trails with the deep concave in the centre. If you remove their cushioned grip and replace it with TFL or Vicious grip you’ll feel the concave even more.

Durability: Made from hard maple, this wood pad will last a while. The grip doesn’t last as long as standard grip but the cushioned grip feels amazing for long rides. Craft & Ride offers amazing customer support so just hit them up and they’ll likely take care of you.

Grip: The grip on the Craft & Ride feels similar to Jessup grip which is like standard skateboard grip tape but slightly less grippy which might be because of the foam underneath providing the cushioned feel. It’s not too grippy but grippy enough. On the “grip” scale, we give it a 5 which seems to be the perfect number for people who like to adjust their back foot while they ride.

Control: Riders switching from the stock pad will notice an immediate improvement when it comes to control. Making slow sharp turns is a breeze and carving on your toe side makes you feel much more locked in. We feel is doesn’t provide quite as much control as a Cobra or Kush Hi because of the cushioned grip so if you want Cobra or Kush Hi control, switch the grip on the OTE and you’ll have the same locked-in feeling as it’s fellow aggressive pad predecessors.

Aesthetics: The beautiful maple wood and nice lines makes this another sexy footpad from Craft & Ride.

FlightFender Compatible? Yes, optional

Best For: Hybrid of street and trail riding.

Where to Buy: Craft&Ride (Use discount code SHREDD to save 5%)

The Float Life x Carvepower’s OG Kush

The Kush concave is likely one of the most popular pads on the market. It’s cushioned material absorbs vibrations and reduces foot fatigue. Its minimal but effective concave will make your back foot a happy foot.

Comfort: The Kush pad was the first of its kind featuring the soft urethane. After testing various durometers, 80a was the magic number and the first cushioned pad was released to the market. It absorbs vibrations and the minimal concave and pockets make it a super comfortable ride. You can easily crush a full battery without stopping for a foot rest.

Concavity: The OG Kush is the perfect subtle concave. It gives you enough concave to keep your back foot from bouncing around too much on trails but still makes it a breeze for street riding and tricks. Too much concave isn’t the best if you want to be nimble for curb tricks.

Durability: Urethane is super durable. One Kush pad will last you as long as your board will. The only thing you’ll need to replace is the grip tape.

Grip: TFL grip is Shredd Lab’s favorite. It is the most durable and only slightly less grippy than the Vicious grip that OW Armor uses. It will keep your foot planted and won’t chunk off as easily from hot weather.

Control: The OG Kush definitely adds a huge level of control over the stock pad. It’s a great hybrid for street and trail. It gives you the feeling of having a more rounded tire and helps with getting more lean out of your carves. If you want even more control continue reading for the Kush Hi, Cobra Pad, or Viper Pad reviews.

Aesthetics: The OG Kush is a very sleek design. Its grip tape, concave lines and low-profile design make it one of the better looking concave pads. Urethane will never look as nice as wood but with 6 different color options we think everyone can find a style they like.

FlightFender Compatible? Yes

Best For: Street shredding and tricks.

Where to Buy:
TheFloatLife.com (US) | Get free shipping with orders over $150 using code SHREDDLABS
TheFloatLife.ca (Canada) | Get free shipping with orders over $175 using code SHREDDLABS
FloatLife-Europe.com (Europe)

The Float Life x Carvepower’s Kush Hi

The Kush Hi was born out of the desire for some to have even more concave with a strong kick at the back without making the pad look much bigger. They were able to dig more of a concave and keep the design looking super clean. It is the first cushioned extreme concave pad which is great for both trails and marathon rides.

Comfort: The Kush Hi has that same soft comfortable urethane material as its non-extreme sibling, the OG Kush. It has a deep pocket that is hard to notice by just looking at it. This deep pocket supports your back foot comfortably making this one of the most comfortable footpads available.

Concavity: The concave on this pad is one of the most cleverly designed. It is extremely concave without actually looking bulky and aggressive. We find it ever-so-slightly less concave than C&R’s OneTail Extreme and OW Armor’s Cobra and Viper pads.

Durability: Just like the OG Kush, this material is as durable as it comes. This pad will outlast your board.

Grip: As previously mentioned, TFL grip is Shredd Lab’s favorite. It is the most durable and only slightly less grippy than the Vicious grip that OW Armor uses. It will keep your foot planted and won’t chunk off as easily from hot weather.

Control: Even though the Kush Hi feels slightly less concave than the OneTail Extreme and Cobra/Viper pads, it offers top-of-the-line control. We couldn’t notice any difference in control when comparing them to OW Armor’s Cobra and Viper pads.

Aesthetics: The Float Life & Carvepower really knocked it out with this design. They managed to have foot-locking control while keeping the pad super low-profile. They carved out a deep concave without making the pad too thick which makes this one of the best designed Onewheel pads on the market.

FlightFender Compatible? Yes

Best for: Long range trail and street riding with extreme control.

Where to Buy:
TheFloatLife.com (US) | Get free shipping with orders over $150 using code SHREDDLABS
TheFloatLife.ca (Canada) | Get free shipping with orders over $175 using code SHREDDLABS
FloatLife-Europe.com (Europe)

Land Surf’s Platypus™ Wide Concave Footpad

The Land Surf Platypus wide concave footpad is the most innovative rear footpad to date. Most people are able to stand on this pad without their heel and toes hanging off the edge. Its unique concave/convex design hugs your foot for maximum comfort and control.

Comfort: The Platypus was a completely different experience compared to other footpads we’ve tested. While the Viper and Kush Hi feel very similar comfort-wise, the Platypus hugs the foot in a way that cannot be described until you try it. The convex “hump” in the middle of the pad hugs the arch of your foot while your toes and heel fit nicely into pockets providing next-level comfort. The unique design tapers outward from the base of the board providing your feet with 1/2″ more space. Unless you have size 13 feet, the majority of your foot is on the pad and not hanging off which is one of the reasons it’s more comfortable than other pads we’ve tested. Durometer-wise, it doesn’t feel quite as soft as the Viper and Kush pads but it’s not necessary thanks to the way it’s designed. We felt it was still enough to reduce board vibrations and foot fatigue.

Concavity: This pad provides exceptional concave feeling without actually being too thick. It has a nice kick at the end that helps keep your foot stay planted on rough terrain. The wider profile also allows for a steeper kick around the edges without feeling “sharp” on your feet like Future Motion’s official concave footpads. The center hump adds even more support to the whole concave footpad experience… even though the hump is technically convex. It’s not as steep as the Kush Hi or Cobra/Viper pads but it still provides exceptional concavity.

Durability: Like other softer concave footpads, these pads are made out of the ultra-durable, virtually indestructible polyurethane material. After over 600 miles of riding, the footpad is showing no signs of wear with the exception of the grip tape.

Grip: Land Surf was smart in offering two types of grip: Jessup Roam and Vicious. We prefer Vicious for the better grip. However durability-wise, Vicious tends to chunk off over time especially in hot weather and Jessup isn’t grippy enough for our style of riding. Still, we give props to Land Surf by offering two types of grip.

Control: The unique concave/convex design previously mentioned provides unparalleled control when riding. You can really get maximum control out of this pad since your entire foot is hugging the entire pad at all times.

Aesthetics: Land Surf is known for their exceptional product design and packaging. However, there’s a reason why they called this footpad the “Platypus”… Because it looks like a damn platypus beak. Even so, we still like the lines and curves this pad has which is why we still give it an 8/10 for aesthetics.

FlightFender Compatible? Yes

Best for: Long range rides and exceptional control

Where to Buy: Land Surf (Use discount code SHREDD for 5% off your purchase)

Street Shred’s Viper Pad

The Viper Pad is essentially an upgraded cushioned version of the Cobra pad. It is designed to be part of Street Shred’s Viper Concave System (VCS) which provides full concave for the front and back of the board. We will be reviewing only the rear pad in this review.

Comfort: The Viper pad is by far the most comfortable pad. Especially if you’re using their “Venom Touring Tech” which is essentially SUP padding. The pad itself is made from TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) which similar to the Kush pad. What makes it different from the Kush is the skeleton design which adds slightly more cushion since it’s not a solid piece of urethane.

Concavity: The concavity is the exact same as the Cobra pad. As mentioned previously, the Viper also offers the most concave next to the OneTail Extreme. The high tail-kick keeps your foot planted even through the gnarliest of trails.

Durability: TPU is a super durable material. The Viper pad will out-last your board as this is some of the toughest pad material out there.

Grip: With the Viper pad you get two options: The Venom Touring Tech (SUP padding) or the Vicious grip. The SUP padding is super soft and grippier than you would expect for the material. We absolutely loved it for street riding. We found if was a little slick after getting dusty on trails so we much preferred the super grippy Vicious grip if you ride a lot of trails.

Control: If you opt for the Vicious grip you’ll find the control on this pad is no different than the Cobra or Kush Hi pads. It offers top-of-the-line control for both street and trail.

Aesthetics: The look of the Viper is essentially a matte version of the Cobra so we kept the rating the same. It looks and performs like the beast it is.

FlightFender Compatible? Yes

Best For: Long range comfort and control on street and trail.

Where to Buy: Street Shred (Use code SHREDD for 10% off)

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