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Onewheel Tires – We review the best aftermarket tires available.

There are so many tires available to the Onewheel. The stock Vega is a great tire to learn on – it’s super stable and the rubber is long-lasting but once you get some miles under your belt, upgrading your tire can completely change your riding experience! There are slicks tires, treaded tires, flat tires, sticky tires, rounded tires, small tires, fat tires… you get the point.

With the help of Jeff McCosker of TheFloat.Life, we test every tire available for the Onewheel and give you a detailed run-down. This post is the most comprehensive review ever done for Onewheel tires. If you’re unsure on how to change a tire, it’s not that difficult. You can watch our “How to change a Onewheel tire in under 20 mins with Jeff McCosker” video to learn how to change a tire with minimal tools required.

We recommend you play around with the PSI for each tire as it can change the riding considerably. The general rule of thumb is to divide your weight by 10 and that should be a comfortable PSI (If you weigh 180 lbs, an 18psi should satisfy. That being said, everyone is different. Some like it really high and some like a softer tire that absorbs bumps better. If you’re riding on trails or sand, a lower PSI will make your life easier.

Scroll down for a detailed review of each tire but here are our winners for the following categories:

Best Street Tire:

FlightFins Hoosier Street – The Hoosier Street is hands-down the best riding experience. The closest thing to floating you’ll ever feel in a tire. It glides so quietly on asphalt that you’ll forget there’s even a tire underneath you thanks to its super soft specially formulated compound.

Runner up: TFL Burris Street Pro for being a ton fun with a little more carvability and a solid price.

Best Trail Tire:

FlightFins Hoosier Treaded 2 – This tire provides the ultimate speed and grip on trails. There’s no better purely trail board on the market.

Runner Up: Burris Trail Pro a very close 2nd for that added stability and control on rocky terrain

Best All-Around Tire:

Burris Trail Pro is a lot of fun both on and off-road. We give it the best all-around tire because of it’s perfect combination of stability and carvability on both trail and asphalt.

Runner Up: FlightFins Hoosier Street for being the most fun on ashphalt but still kicking ass on trails. The stickier compound makes this tire a lot of fun on both street and trail.

Best Value Tire:

Unilli Slick 6″ is a great value tire if you’re on a budget and want something a little more carvy than the stock Vega. The build quality can vary from tire to tire which is why it is a little cheaper.

Runner Up: Burris 6″ Slick for an amazing riding experience that will give you more miles than the Hoosier 6″ slick tires and still not break your wallet.

Vega 6.5″ Slick (Stock Tire)

We are only reviewing this tire so it gives you an idea of our rating scale. It is super stable, easy to learn on but difficult to make tight turns and not the best for carving.

10/10 Stability
2/10 Carvability
6/10 Durability
6/10 Traction
6/10 Smoothness
7/10 Value

Stability: The Vega is the most stable tire for the Onewheel. Future Motion likely chose this tire for the Onewheel because it is the easiest tire to learn on. However, once you feel confident on the Onewheel, you’ll want something more carvy and less stable as this tire is often compared to a brick because it’s so flat.

Carvability: This tire requires a lot more work to carve and you never really get the full the feeling of carving from this tire as you would from any of the other tire options available.

Durability: The one thing that this offers that the other slick tires can’t is a slight increase in longevity. This is also probably why Future Motion opted for this tire. However, the added durability is not worth the lack of fun.

Traction: Being a flat tire with lots of surface area, this is actually one of the better off-road slick tires in terms of grip. That being said, it’s not nimble at all so it’s not as good for nimble trail riding.

Smoothness/Quietness: This tire is smooth. It is a medium softness so it’s not quite as smooth as the other slick options but it’s smooth riding being a flat slick tire.

Value: At $60, this tire offers good bang for your buck. It’s also another reason why Future Motion chose this as their stock tire. However, the lack of fun factor makes it $60 we would rather not spend.

Best For: Learning how to ride the Onewheel.

Where to Buy: Craft&Ride (Use code SHREDD for 5% off) | TS Racing | Future Motion

Hoosier 6″ Slick (11 x 6.0-6)

The Hoosier 6″ Slick is a favorite within the community. It’s one of the most fun tires to shred the streets with if you like a nimble, carving machine.

5/10 Stability
8/10 Carveability
4/10 Durability
5/10 Traction
8/10 Smoothness
7/10 Value

Click photo to purchase

Stability: Hoosier’s 6″ dirt oval tire isn’t the most beginner-friendly because of its lack of stability. Its rounded profile makes it less stable on drops and bumps in the road. It is fairly stable while carving but when trying to shred at higher speeds many will find it less stable and a tad squirrely.

Carvability: We gave the Hoosier 6″ Slick an 8 out of 10 carvability rating because it’s not quite as carvy as a 5.5″ tire but is still the most carvy 6″ tire on the market. You won’t find a 6″ tire that is as nimble as this one.

Durability: Depending on if you go with the D20 or D30 compound, your tire’s durability and longevity will vary. The D20 is more soft and sticky so it will wear much quicker. We find the D30 will last approximately 300 more miles than the D20 version. Even with the D30, this tire tends to wear quicker than other tires we have tested. Part of the reason for this is likely because you’re carving on the edges so much that it just wears quicker. Hoosier has some of the best rubber around so it’s nothing against Hoosier’s rubber.

Traction: Don’t be discouraged by the 5/10 traction rating. This thing is still pretty grippy and is pretty close to as grippy as the stock Vega. It got a 5/10 because it doesn’t compare to the 10/10 grip that the Burris 6″ Treaded offers. This thing still rides well on trails but is of course best for shredding the streets and for curb tricks. Be careful in the fall as this tire may send you flying if you hit some wet leaves.

Smoothness/Quietness: The 2nd most smooth tire next to the FlightFins Hoosier Street. This thing glides with no vibrations and with minimal noise.

Value: This tire retails for around $60.99 USD which is on the higher-end side of Onewheel tires but not as pricey as the premium “made for Onewheel” FlightFin’s version. It gets a 7/10 because it’s one of the most fun tires for the price. It would get a higher rating if it didn’t wear so quickly.

Best For: Nimble carving in the city

Where to Buy: Craft&Ride (Use discount code SHREDD for 5% off)| Summit Racing | Jegs | Hoosier West

FlightFins Hoosier Street (11 x 6.0-6)

The FlightFins Hoosier “Whisper” Street is our favorite street tire. It has everything you could want for shredding the streets: carvability, stability, and gripiness with the smoothest ride possible. If you want the most fun that you can possibly get out of a tire, then this is the tire for you.

8/10 Stability
8/10 Carvability
4/10 Durability
8/10 Traction
10/10 Smoothness
6/10 Value

Click Photo to Purchase

Stability: The FF Street’s has a larger profile than the standard Hoosier 6″ Slick which gives it added stability without sacrificing carvability. You’ll also find yourself landing drops with ease.

Carvability: After numerous renditions FlightFins have created the ultimate carving tire. It carves both nimble and deep. The carvavility of this tire is why it won us over for the best street tire.

Durability: With its super soft compound and thin rubber, we were suprised to see this tire last longer than we had originally expected. Some riders have seen upwards of 1500 miles (2400km’s) however that is likely an unrealistic lifespan. We estimate that the average person will get around 600 miles (1000km’s) of hard riding before seeing significant wear. We’ll post an update once and let you know how long ours lasts. After 200+ miles, it’s still looking food. For as lightweight and thin as this tire is, we’re amazed with the durability so far — just make sure you fill it up with Armor-Dilloz or Slime right away as sharp objects like glass will puncture the Whisper a little easier.

Traction: The grippiest of all slick tires, this tire will perform amazing both on and off road. It will still have that slide “slide-out” that slicks tend to have when taking turns at high speeds on dirt/gravel but that’s part of the fun in our books. It won’t give you as quite as much grip as any of the treaded tires when going up steeper terrain but it will still out-perform all the other slicks. Weighing in at one pound less than the stock Vega, this tire’s weight also gives it more torque which why it still feels so good off-road.

Smoothness/Quietness: There’s a reason why this tire is nicknamed “whisper”… you forget it’s part of your board. This tire is so smooth that it gives even more meaning to the term “float life.” You won’t find a tire that’s more smooth or quiet.

Value: Even though this tire won’t last quite as long as the standard Hoosier 6″ Slick, we feel like it’s still worth the extra money based on riding experience alone. At $99.99, you’ll have the most fun on this tire which is why we still give it a 6 out of 10 on the value scale.

Best For: Shredding streets like a ninja.

Where to Buy: FlightFins

Burris 6″ Slick (11 x 6.0-6)

The Burris 6″ slick is a more stable version of the Hoosier 6″ slick and in our opinion, is an under-rated tire in the community. It’s the perfect combination of carvability and stability.

7/10 Stability
7/10 Carvability
5/10 Durability
7/10 Traction
7/10 Smoothness
7/10 Value

Click photo to purchase

Stability: The Burris 6″ Slick is a pretty stable tire. It would be good for both beginners looking for a more fun and challenging tire as well as experienced riders looking for stability mixed with some solid carvability. High speeds are no issue with this tire. It has a similar shape to the FlightFins Hoosier Terrain tire with a minor dip in the center that the folks at FlightFins call a stability strip.

Carvability: We gave the Burris 6″ Slick just one less carvability scale rating when comparing to the Hoosier 6″ Slick. It carves differently. It’s slightly less nimble but gives you deeper carves rather then smaller nimble carves.

Durability: The rubber seems slightly harder on this tire and the less rounded shape makes it keep it’s shape longer than the Hoosier but only by smidge.

Traction: This tire feels a little less grippy than the Hoosier 6″ Slick but not enough to downgrade the rating to a 4. It’ll satisfy your off-road needs but this tire will flourish on ashphalt.

Soothness/Quietness: The Burris 6″ Slick is just slightly noisier and less-smooth than the Hoosier 6″ Slick, but not by much. It offers a very smooth and quiet ride.

Value: At the same price as the Hoosier version ($60.99), it’s another great tire for your dollar. It’ll give you well over a thousand miles of shredding bliss.

Best For: Stable yet carvy street riding.

Where to Buy: The Float Life | Craft&Ride (Use code SHREDD for 5% off) | BMI Karts

Unilli 6″ Slick (11 x 6.0-6)

If you’ve got the need for speed, then this tire is for you! The Unilli 6″ Slick isn’t the best at one aspect (trick, trails, etc.) but it can handle them all. Coming in at just under $30, you won’t find a better tire for the price.

8/10 Stability
5/10 Carvability
5/10 Durability
7/10 Traction
7/10 Smoothness
10/10 Value

Click photo to purchase

Stability: Speed wobbles are basically non-existent on the Unilli 6″ Slick. If you like to shred at high speeds you’ll love the stability that this tire has to offer. It’s not the best tire if you like to carve at lower speeds.

Carvability: This tire rides very similar to the stock Vega right out of the box but once you’ve got some miles on it it feels somewhere between a Vega and a Hoosier 6″ Slick. It carves better at high speeds. You’ve got to break this tire in though – it feels like a brick for first 12 miles or so.

Durability: The Unilli is quite a bit more durable than a Hoosier 6″ Slick and slightly less durable than the stock Vega. It’s build quality can vary from tire to tire. Sometimes the sidewalls are soft and sometimes they come hard which can make installation more tricky. You’ll get some good milage out of this tire.

Traction: With a mid-stickiness compound, this tire feels similar to the Hoosier 6″ Slick (D30) but softer than the Burris 6″ Slick (TX-33). It rides well on both pavement and trail but is of course more geared to the street being a slick tire.

Smoothness/Quietness: The Unilli is a smooth ride. It feels similar to the stock Vega. It’s not as smooth as the FlightFins Street but it’ll still give you a smooth and quiet ride.

Value: You won’t find a better value than the Unilli. Coming in at approximately $30, this tire is certainly the best bang for your buck.

Best For: This tire is the best tire if you like to ride at high speeds in the city.

Where to Buy: BMI Karts

Hoosier 5.5″ Treaded (11 x 5.5-6)

Say hello to Carvy McCarverson! This is the most round and nimble treaded tire on the market. It’s no wonder it’s a favorite amongst the NYC Onewheel community as it will have you maneuvering around people and traffic like a breeze.

3/10 Stability
10/10 Carvability
9/10 Durability
7/10 Traction
4/10 Smoothness
8/10 Value

Click photo to purchase

Stability: This is probably the most difficult tire to learn on. Not recommended for beginners, the Hoosier 5.5″ treaded is the nimblest of all tires that feels like you have a ball instead of a tire on your board. If you’re looking for a stable ride then this isn’t the tire for you.

Carvability: If you like small, tight carves, then this is it! It’s super round profile gives you the most carving available to the Onewheel. That’s why we gave this tire a 10/10 on the carvability scale.

Durability: Treaded tires tend to last longer since they’re a lot thicker. With durability, you usually add weight, but with this tire being smaller, it won’t make your board much heavier. This tire lasts quite a long time and will keep you riding a while before needing to be replaced.

Traction: Even though this tire has tread on it, we find that it’s not much more grippy than a Hoosier Slick 6″ (D20) compound. This might be because the tire is so rounded that there isn’t much surface area touching the terrain. That being said, it still shreds both on and off-road but we would classify it more as street tire than trail tire.

Smoothness/Quietness: Being a smaller treaded tire, it’s not as loud as the Burris 6″ Treaded and will also feel a little smoother. The smaller profile means less of the tire is rubbing which still makes for a nice street ride with minimal vibration and noise.

Value: Coming in at $66.99, this tire is in the mid-to-high-end range for Onewheel tires. That being said, its durability keeps you riding longer which is why we have the Hoosier 5.5″ Treaded an 8/10 on the value scale.

Best For: Nimble busy city street riding.

Where to Buy: Craft&Ride (Use code SHREDD for 5% off) | Summit Racing | Jegs | Hoosier West

FlightFins Hoosier Terrain 2 (11 x 6.0-6)

This FlightFins Hoosier Terrain 2 (T2) is the new and improved version of their original FF Hoosier 6 Terrain. It’s lighter, faster, and even more fun shredding trails.

8/10 Stability
10/10 Torque
8/10 Carvability
8/10 Durability
10/10 Traction
6/10 Smoothness
8/10 Value
47.9oz – Weight
16-19mi – Battery Range**

* Durability is only an assumption based on the first 250 miles of riding.This rating may change.

** Range based on 170lb rider riding street at 20 PSI

Click to purchase

Stability: We almost included a separate “trail stability” and “street stability” gauge with this review because the stability varied quite a bit. Our riders that tested both tires immediately noticed a sharper edge that connects the rounded profile to the sidewall. The edge, when maneuvering on pavement, is noticeable which causes the T2 to feel less stable when carving and turning. However, the edge is hardly noticeable while riding on trails and is absorbed by the softer terrain. In fact, the edge made it super maneuverable and agile when dodging large rocks or roots especially at lower speeds on super technical terrain. We would give this tire a 7/10 for street stability and a 9/10 for trail stability which is how we came up with the final stability score of 8/10.

Carvability: The carvability of the T2 can seem a little alien at first. It has a slingshot feel when transitioning from toe to heel-side carves. Once you get used to it however, it can make carving a blast, but the sharper edge makes the T2 feel slightly flatter than the Burris Pro. However, we found lowering the PSI by 2-3 made the edge feel less noticeable and gave it smoother carves. Carving on the T2 feels more nimble and short compared to the Trail Pro. When riding on dirt trails, the slingshot feeling while carving seems less noticeable than when on pavement.

Durability: As previously mentioned, FlightFins & Hoosier somehow made this tire insanely lightweight. It’s more lightweight than the stock Vega. Being lighter, smaller, and having a super soft Whisper-like compound, we can only assume that this tire will wear quicker and won’t last as long as the heavier Trail Pro. After approximately 250 miles, the T2 held up surprisingly well and showed only slightly more wear than the Trail Pro. Being a treaded tire, it will automatically give you much more life than a slick tire. That being said, we would recommend adding Armor-Dilloz or Stay-A-Float tire sealant to this tire. It is important to note we have only tested this tire for 250 miles so the durability rating could change.

Traction: We don’t think traction could get much better on this tire unless you had tire studs installed. This thing gripped mud, sand, loose gravel and hard-packed dirt extremely well. The soft compound and deep tread pattern made it feel like it was impossible to lose traction. The incredible traction uphill is something to be repeated because it was that mind-blowing.

Smoothness/Quietness: The smoothness of this tire compared to its original predecessor is a huge improvement. The vibration from the tread on pavement feels a lot less noticeable. The road noise is also significantly quieter.

Value: Coming in at $109.99 USD, it is the most expensive tire on market. That being said, it is the best trail-specific tire on the market. Is it worth the extra cost? Absolutely, which is why we still gave it a 8/10 on the value scale

Best For: For people ride mostly trail or have a trail-specific board.

Where to Buy: FlightFins

Hoosier 6.5″ Treaded (11 x 6.5-6)

This would be our favourite trail tire if extended rails weren’t required. Its round profile makes it nimble like the Hoosier 6 but its added size provides added stability. Carvability, stability, and extreme traction make this the ultimate trail tire.

6/10 Stability
7/10 Carvability
10/10 Durability
10/10 Traction
4/10 Smoothness
8/10 Value

Click photo to purchase

Stability: The Hoosier 6.5″ offers better stability on asphalt than it does on trail. It’s still much more stable than the Hoosier & Burris 5.5″ Treaded and you’ll still find landing drops and tricks a breeze.

Carvability: Carving on this tire is super fun! Even though it’s the biggest tire we reviewed, it is super nimble. It feels like the Hoosier 6″ Slick on trails but with a lot more traction. It allows you to dodge roots and rocks with ease. You can choose to carve both deep or sharp, on and off-road, which makes it a ton of fun to ride.

Durability: With the thick tread on this 6.5″ tire, you’ll find this D30 compound lasting thousands of miles. It is the most durable tire that we reviewed.

Traction: This tire is extremely grippy. You’ll find it shreds loose dirt and gravel up-hill no problem. It will also climb over larger rocks and roots easier than smaller tires. However, being a larger tire, it does lack slightly when it comes to low-end torque so make sure you’re hitting hills with speed and you’ll grip the trail like none other.

Smoothness/Quietness: Even though this tire is big, it feels much smoother and quieter when comparing it to the Burris 6″ Treaded. You’ll still feel slight vibration and hear the tire rumble slightly on ashpalt but it’s not that noticable making it super fun on the street as well.

Value: At $69.99, this tire will give you thousands of miles at a reasonable price. It’s super fun to boot.

Best For: Nimble and carvy uneven trail riding.

Where to Buy: Summit Racing | Jegs | Hoosier West | Smiley’s

Burris 5.5″ Treaded

The Burris 5.5″ Treaded is a nimble and fun treaded tire for both on and off-road. Providing decent stability for a 5.5″ tire and super fun carving, if you’re looking for a smaller nimble tire this is a great option.

5/10 Stability
9/10 Carvability
9/10 Durability
8/10 Traction
4/10 Smoothness
7/10 Value

Click photo to purchase

Stability: Being a smaller 5.5″ tire, this tire will feel super nimble and will be far less stable than the stock vega. That being said, we found it to be more stable than the Hoosier 5.5″ due to it being a less-rounded profile.

Carvability: There is no shortage of carvability with the Burris 5.5″ Treaded. It’s nimbleness makes it a lot of fun both on and off road. It is less carvy than the 5.5″ Hoosier but it is still a nimble carving machine.

Durability: Like other treaded tires, this thing will last you a long time before needing replacement. It touches more of the ground while riding when compared to the Hoosier counterpart but it’s not enough to change the durability rating.

Traction: With more surface area touching the terrain, this 5.5″ will give you more traction than the Hoosier’s version. The compound is also the same as the Burris 6″ Treaded which really grips into the dirt giving you ultimate traction.

Value: We’re not sure why this tire costs $5 more than the 6″ version because it’s the exactly the same tire with added rubber in the middle to extend it by 1/2″. However, at $74.99, it’s still a great value as it will give you plenty of miles before needing to be replaced.

Best For: Nimble off-road trail riding.

Where to Buy: QRC Karts | BMI Karts

Burris 6″ Treaded (11 x 6.0-6)

The Burris 6″ Treaded was also created specifically for the Onewheel. Burris took their 5.5″ tire and added more rubber to make it a 6″ tire. It grips like none other.

8/10 Stability
7/10 Carvability
8/10 Durability
10/10 Traction
4/10 Smoothness
8/10 Value

Click photo to purchase

Stability: The Burris 6″ treaded has a round profile but it’s not squirrely by any means. It’s slightly less stable than the Hoosier but still offers good stability overall.

Carvability: With the round profile you get more nimble carves out of this than the FlightFins Hoosier Terrain, but you don’t get that deep carve feeling that the FlightFins version does. Nonetheless, if you want an off-road tire that carves, this should satisify your carving needs.

Durability: The rubber on this tire is softer and stickier so it won’t last quite as long as the FlightFin’s version but, being a treaded tire, it’s still going to give you a ton of riding before it needs replacing.

Traction: The traction of this tire can’t be beat. While this is great on trails, we find it less satisfying if you still enjoy street riding. When landing drops, it will feel a little sticky. If you like doing curb tricks, don’t get this tire. However, it will climb curbs and sidewalks a lot easier.

Smoothness/Quietness: The Burris 6″ Treaded is the least smooth tire and you will definitely feel some vibration when riding even the smoothest of asphalt. Your Onewheel also be noticeably louder while riding but it’s worth the noise if you want the best tire for trails.

Value: At $69.99, this tire offers great value as it will last a long time while not breaking your wallet. It’s considered the budget Onewheel-specific off-road tire.

Best For: Shredding the gnarliest of trails.

Where to Buy: The Float Life | Craft&Ride (Use code SHREDD for 5% off)

The Float Life Burris Trail Pro (11 x 6.0-6)

The Burris Trail Pro is a new and improved version of the Burris 6″ Treaded. It features a softer compound along with reinforced sidewalls which makes it a smooth ride both on and off road.

9/10 Stability
7/10 Torque
8/10 Carvability
10/10 Durability*
10/10 Traction
7/10 Smoothness
8/10 Value

58oz – Weight
15-18mi – Battery Range**

* Durability is only an assumption based on the first 250 miles of riding.This rating may change.

** Range based on 170lb rider riding street at 20 PSI

Click photo to purchase

Stability: The larger and gradual rounded profile of the Trail Pro makes it equally as stable on both trail and street. While turning or carving, the transition is smoother and results in a more stable ride. The larger profile also makes this tire more stable on rougher terrain that includes large rocks and roots, especially when flying at high-speeds downhill.

Torque: Being a larger tire, the Trail Pro will automatically lose a little low-end torque when comparing it to a smaller tire. That said, the larger profile really grips into the terrain and still climbs hills far better than any slick tire. The acceleration is a little slower off the line but the top-end speed is super fast making both tires top contenders at Float Life Fest.

Carvability: The Trail Pro has a completely different feeling. This tire on pavement feels closer to the Whisper Street if you were to compare how it carves. The carves are more gradual and transitioning from toe to heel-side feels more smooth and buttery. Digging the edge in during high-speed off-road corners, the edge holds strong. It carves the same off-road as it does on-road.

Durability: The Trail Pro is a beast of a tire. With its upgraded softer compound you would think it would sacrifice some durability, but we hardly noticed a difference after 250 miles of riding. It’s a much thicker tire and because of that there’s added weight. The Trail Pro also features a more durable reinforced sidewall which is why it is slightly heavier than the original Burris 6″ Treaded tire. This all results in a seemingly more durable tire. It is important to note we have only tested this tire for 250 miles so the durability rating could change.

Traction: The Trail Pro compound also ate all types of terrain that we threw at it. The wider tire and deep tread made it especially grippy on rougher or looser terrain, especially at high-speeds. It’s tough to compare the traction on these tires which is why they both receive a 10/10.

Smoothness/Quietness: The main upgrade in this tire is the much softer compound. Riding this tire on pavement is so much quieter than the original. Performing drops on pavement also felt less “sticky” when landing. Everyone that tested both tires agreed that the Trail Pro was also slightly quieter on pavement when compared to the T2 which is why it got a slightly better smoothness grade than the T2.

Value: At $79.99 USD, a whole $30 cheaper than the T2, you’re getting one of the best value tires possible. Between its excellent hybrid street/trail performance and its long-lasting thick rubber, this tire will have your fellow trail riders eating dirt for breakfast for many, many miles.

Best For: For trail loving riders who also like to cruise the street

Where to Buy: The Float Life US | The Float Life Canada | The Float Life Europe

Where to Buy:

Please support the community and purchase from our Onewheel-specific 3rd party vendors (The Float Life, FlightFins, and Craft&Ride). If they don’t have your tire in stock, check the other providers listed.

Hoosier 6″ Slick: Craft&Ride | Summit Racing | Jegs | Hoosier West

FlightFins Hoosier Street: FlightFins

Burris 6″ Slick: The Float Life | Craft&Ride | BMI Karts

Unilli 6″ Slick: BMI Karts

Hoosier 5.5″ Treaded: Craft&Ride | Summit Racing | Jegs | Hoosier West

FlightFins Hoosier Terrain: FlightFins

Hoosier 6.5″ Treaded: Summit Racing | Jegs | Hoosier West | Smiley’s

Burris 5.5″ Treaded: QRC Karts | BMI Karts

Burris 6″ Treaded: Craft&Ride

TFL Burris Trail Pro Treaded: The Float Life US | The Float Life Canada | The Float Life Europe

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