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Protected: Onewheel Treaded Tire Showdown: FF Hoosier T2 vs TFL Burris Trail Pro Review/Comparison

Onewheel riders everywhere have been asking for a review comparing the new TFL Burris Trail Pro and the new FF Hoosier T2. It took some time, but we wanted to make sure that it was a thorough and fair review. Firstly, both of these tires are INSANE! You can’t go wrong with either one. They are both an absolute blast on trails and really shred up virtually any terrain. Second, we had two groups of four experienced riders test each tire on both street and some gnarly mountain bike trails . Everyone that tested both tires unanimously agreed on the obvious points that make these tires different in their own unique ways.

Before we get into the review, I want to be 100% upfront with everyone reading this review. Shredd Labs (operated by Canadian rider, Bradley Spence) is now affiliated with The Float Life Canada. Shredd Labs was originally launched to offer completely unbiased reviews for third party vendors. Its sole purpose is to help all vendors sell more product by spotlighting their products through unbiased reviews. Even though Shredd Labs is affiliated with TFL 🇨🇦, reviews will continue to be unbiased. We want all third party vendors to succeed and grow.

Now back to the good stuff. As we’re sure you’ve seen, both tires are receiving glowing reviews on the Facebook groups and in the Reddit community. They’re both great but they are also quite different, so hopefully by the end of this review you can figure out which tire is better for you.

FlightFins Hoosier Terrain 2 (T2)

8/10 Stability
10/10 Torque
8/10 Carvability
8/10 Durability*
10/10 Traction
7/10 Smoothness
8/10 Value

47.9oz – Weight
16-19mi – Battery Range**

* Durability is only an assumption based on the first 250 miles of riding. This rating may change.

** Range based on 170lb rider riding street at 20 PSI

The Float Life Burris Trail Pro

9/10 Stability
7/10 Torque
8/10 Carvability
10/10 Durability*
10/10 Traction
8/10 Smoothness
10/10 Value

58oz – Weight
15-18mi – Battery Range**

* Durability is only an assumption based on the first 250 miles of riding. This rating may change.

** Range based on 170lb rider riding street at 20 PSI

T2 Stability: We almost included a separate “trail stability” and “street stability” gauge with this review because the stability varied quite a bit. Our riders that tested both tires immediately noticed a sharper edge that connects the rounded profile to the sidewall. The edge, when maneuvering on pavement, is noticeable which causes the T2 to feel less stable when carving and turning. However, the edge is hardly noticeable while riding on trails and is absorbed by the softer terrain. In fact, the edge made it super maneuverable and agile when dodging large rocks or roots especially at lower speeds on super technical terrain. We would give this tire a 7/10 for street stability and a 9/10 for trail stability which is how we came up with the final stability score of 8/10.

Trail Pro Stability: The larger and gradual rounded profile of the Trail Pro makes it equally as stable on both trail and street. While turning or carving, the transition is smoother and results in a more stable ride. The larger profile also makes this tire more stable on rougher terrain that includes large rocks and roots, especially when flying at high-speeds downhill.

T2 Torque: The lightweight and smaller profile of the T2 is what really sets this tire apart from any other tire. It is by far the most agile and zippy 6″ treaded tire that we’ve ever tested. Coming in at just over 10oz lighter than the Burris Pro, this tire won hill climbs every single time when timed against the Trail Pro. If you want acceleration and added torque, especially for uphill climbs, then the T2 might just be the tire for you.

Trail Pro Torque: Being a larger tire, the Trail Pro will automatically lose a little low-end torque when comparing it to a smaller tire. That said, the larger profile really grips into the terrain and still climbs hills far better than any slick tire. The acceleration is a little slower off the line but the top-end speed is super fast making both tires top contenders at Float Life Fest.

T2 Carvability: The carvability of the T2 can seem a little alien at first. It has a slingshot feel when transitioning from toe to heel-side carves. Once you get used to it however, it can make carving a blast, but the sharper edge makes the T2 feel slightly flatter than the Burris Pro. However, we found lowering the PSI by 2-3 made the edge feel less noticeable and gave it smoother carves. Carving on the T2 feels more nimble and short compared to the Trail Pro When riding on dirt trails, the slingshot feeling while carving seems less noticeable than when on pavement.

Trail Pro Carvability: The Trail Pro has a completely different feeling. This tire on pavement feels closer to a heavier version of the Whisper Street if you were to compare how it carves. The carves are more gradual, deep, and transitioning from toe to heel-side feels more smooth and buttery. Digging the edge in during high-speed off-road corners, the edge holds strong. It carves the same off-road as it does on-road.

T2 Durability: As previously mentioned, FlightFins & Hoosier somehow made this tire insanely lightweight. It’s more lightweight than the stock Vega. Being lighter, smaller, and having a super soft Whisper-like compound, we can only assume that this tire will wear quicker and won’t last as long as the heavier Trail Pro. After approximately 250 miles, the T2 held up surprisingly well and showed only slightly more wear than the Trail Pro. Being a treaded tire, it will automatically give you much more life than a slick tire. That being said, we would recommend adding Armor-Dilloz or Stay-A-Float tire sealant to this tire. It is important to note we have only tested this tire for 250 miles so the durability rating could change.

Trail Pro Durability: The Trail Pro is a beast of a tire. With its upgraded softer compound you would think it would sacrifice some durability, but we hardly noticed a difference after 250 miles of riding. It’s a much thicker tire and because of that there’s added weight. The Trail Pro also features a more durable reinforced sidewall which is why it is slightly heavier than the original Burris 6″ Treaded tire. This all results in a seemingly more durable tire. It is important to note we have only tested this tire for 250 miles so the durability rating could change.

T2 Traction: We don’t think traction could get much better on this tire unless you had tire studs installed. This thing gripped mud, sand, loose gravel and hard-packed dirt extremely well. The soft compound and deep tread pattern made it feel like it was impossible to lose traction. The incredible traction uphill is something to be repeated because it was that mind-blowing.

Trail Pro Traction: The Trail Pro compound also ate all types of terrain that we threw at it. The wider tire and deep tread made it especially grippy on rougher or looser terrain, especially at high-speeds. It’s tough to compare the traction on these tires which is why they both receive a 10/10.

T2 Smoothness: The smoothness of this tire compared to its original predecessor is a huge improvement. The vibration from the tread on pavement feels a lot less noticeable. The road noise is also significantly quieter.

Trail Pro Smoothness: The main upgrade in this tire is the much softer compound. Riding this tire on pavement is so much quieter than the original. Performing drops on pavement also felt less “sticky” when landing. Everyone that tested both tires agreed that the Trail Pro was also slightly quieter on pavement when compared to the T2 which is why it got a slightly better smoothness grade than the T2.

T2 Value: Coming in at $109.99 USD, it is the most expensive tire on market. That being said, it is the best trail-specific tire on the market. Is it worth the extra cost? Absolutely, which is why we still gave it a 8/10 on the value scale.

Trail Pro Value: At $79.99 USD, a whole $30 cheaper than the T2, you’re getting one of the best value tires possible. Between its excellent hybrid street/trail performance and its long-lasting thick rubber, this tire will have your fellow trail riders eating dirt for breakfast for many, many miles.

The FF Hoosier T2 is the better tire because…

  • It offers the fastest acceleration and torque possible in a tire
  • It provides you slightly more battery range
  • It will pop you off the line quicker during races
  • It is more agile on technical trails which allows for better maneuvering around obstacles like large rocks or roots
  • It climbs hills better and provides more torque
  • It decreases your board’s weight
  • It is the best trail tire

The TFL Burris Trail Pro is the better tire because…

  • It is more stable and carves more smoothly on the street
  • It holds an edge better at high-speeds
  • It handles rougher and more un-even terrain better, especially at high-speeds downhill
  • It is slightly quieter and more smooth on pavement
  • It is the best hybrid tire (street and trail performance)
  • It has been tested and ridden by the TFL team
  • It is less $30 less expensive.

“Ahh! I’m still confused and don’t know which tire is for me!”

Still can’t decide which tire is best for you? Follow this simple guide:

Ride mostly trail? Then you’ll likely want the FF Hoosier T2.
Ride about half and half? Then you’ll likely want the Burris Trail Pro.
Ride mostly street and some trail? Then you’ll likely want the FF Hoosier Street “Whisper” or the TFL Burris Street Pro. Don’t worry, we have a review coming for those two tires soon.

Where to Buy:

Purchase the FlightFins Hoosier T2 at:

Purchase The Float Life Burris Trail Pro at (US) | Get free shipping with orders over $150 using code SHREDDLABS (Canada) | Get free shipping with orders over $175 using code SHREDDLABS (Europe)

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